“The City of Palaces” named best Latino Novel


Writer Michael Nava wins International Latino Book Award

“The City of Palaces,” written by Michael Nava of the Bay Area and Palm Springs, recently was named Best Latino Novel by Latino Literacy Now.

Set in Mexico City in the years before the Mexican Revolution, the story explores the lives, loves and adventures of a core group of residents. One of the intriguing characters is Luis, a gay man who’s shunned as a “sodomite.” Nava, who’s gay and married to George Herzog, explained in a 2014 interview with Desert Outlook why he was compelled to write about Luis.

“Because LGBT people have been systematically erased from history, it was important to me to feature a gay character in this time and place,” Nava said. “We have always existed, we have usually been persecuted, but we have found ways to survive. As a gay writer I feel a special responsibility to remind readers of those facts.”

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