Texas Employee Rights & Laws


Find information about employment discrimination and complaints that Texas Workforce Commission handles:  unpaid wage claims, minimum wage, and child labor laws and complaints. Explore labor law and other rules and regulations governing discrimination in Texas.

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Discrimination Complaints

Find information on employment discrimination complaint resolution, procedures, deadlines and more. Learn about:


Types of employment discrimination:

Age Age Discrimination Discriminación por edad

Sex Sex Discrimination Discriminación por sexo

Color Color Discrimination Discriminación por color

Racial Racial Discrimination Discriminación racial

National Origin National Origin Discrimination Discriminación por origen nacional

Religious Religious Discrimination Discriminación por religion

Disability Disability Discrimination Discriminación por discapacidad

Emergency Evacuation Emergency Evacuation Discrimination Discriminación en evacuaciones de emergencia

Retaliation Retaliation Discrimination Discriminación en represalia

How to submit an employment discrimination complaint How to Submit an Employment Discrimination Complaint Como presentar una queja de discriminación en empleo

Mediation or alternative dispute resolution Mediation or Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Programa de mediación o resolución alterna de disputa

Protections against adverse employment actions for State military forces  Protections Against Adverse Employment Actions  protección contra acciones adversas en empleos

Claim Unpaid Wages

Learn about filing a claim for unpaid wages under the Texas Payday Law.

Find information about the Texas Payday Law

Learn how to submit a wage claim

Learn about Payday Law appeals

Texas Payday Law Wage Claim MS Word or PDF

Reclamo para la Ley Tejana del Salario Atrasado MS Word o PDF

Withdrawal of Wage Claim MS Word or PDF

View Minimum Wage Information

Get information about minimum wage requirements in Texas.

Learn about Texas Minimum Wage Law

Find federal minimum wage information

Learn about the U.S. Department of Labor’s FairPay Overtime Initiative

Find Information on Child Labor

Find information about child labor laws and complaints.

Find information about Texas Child Labor Law

Learn about Child Labor Law appeals

Visit the Texas Workforce Commission for more details information:  http://www.twc.state.tx.us/jobseekers/employee-rights-laws

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