“Refusing to Forget” Remembers Texas-Sanctioned anti-Mexican violence

Refusing to Forget:

The state-sanctioned racial violence on the Mexico-Texas border from 1910 through 1920 prompted a struggle for justice and civil rights that continues to shape relationships in Texas today.

This collaborative project is intended to memorialize and reckon with this period of violence. These efforts will help to recover the contributions of early civil rights activists and reshape common understandings of Texas history. This period of anti-Mexican violence strained and divided generations of Texans.

A public dialogue on this period of violence is timely and necessary to appropriately reflect on the lasting consequences of this period.

In collaboration with some of the residents making great efforts to preserve this history, in February 2013 a group of professors met at the National Association of Chicano Chicana Studies Tejas Foco in San Antonio, Texas to discuss strategies for commemorating the centennial of this period of state sanctioned anti-Mexican violence.

The meeting resulted in coordinated steps for building a multifaceted project, titled “Refusing to Forget,” that will come to fruition through the collaboration of professors, Texas residents, state legislators, and the staff at state institutions in Texas. The memorialization effort will include a multiyear series of historical marker unveilings, public lectures, an exhibit at the Bullock Texas State History Museum in 2016, a complementary online exhibit, a traveling exhibit, and curricular materials for public school teachers.

Ongoing Efforts

  • Exhibit at Bullock Museum (2016)
  • Traveling Exhibit
  • Encyclopedia Entries for Handbook of Tejano History
  • Applications for Texas Historical Markers
  • Unveiling Ceremonies for Texas Historical Markers
  • Public Lectures
  • Media/Publicity

Find out more about Refusing to Forget:  http://refusingtoforget.org/

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