For years, wealthy neighborhoods in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have been getting wealthier, while poor neighborhoods have been getting poorer, according to a new Urban Institute report that reveals DFW neighborhoods are the nation’s worst in terms of income inequality.

The report examines income inequality from 1990 to 2010in commuting zones, or large regions of several counties that resemble metropolitan areas. Of all commuting zones with more than 250,000 residents, Dallas—with about 3.7 million residents—has the most disparities by neighborhood. Philadelphia and Baltimore also topped the list.

According to the report, these are the top 10 areas for income inequality:

10. Detroit, MI
9. Charlotte, NC
8. St. Louis, MO-IL
7. Richmond, VA
6. Birmingham (rural), AL
5. Houston, TX
4. Columbus, OH
3. Baltimore, MD
2. Philadelphia, PA
1. Dallas, TX