Millions in Government Grant Funds Available to Help Women, Youth

Pathways to Justice Careers for Youth (PJC): FOA-ETA-16-09

This program supports at-risk and court-involved youth that are still in school (“eligible youth”) by providing: 1) exposure to the world of work in the career fields of justice and emergency services, 2) mentoring to encourage participants to complete a high school diploma or equivalency, and 3) supportive services that engage participants and deter them from engaging or re-engaging with the criminal justice system. The Department plans to award approximately 5 grants of up to $1,000,000 each. These grants will combine case management, mentoring, career exploration, and exposure to the world of work models in the field of justice and emergency services for in-school youth ages 16 to 21, that are eligible to graduate within 2 years and are at risk of dropping out of school or at risk of entanglement in the criminal justice system, or both; the eligible youth must be enrolled in a public secondary school or alternative secondary school.


Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations (WANTO) Technical Assistance (TA) Grants: FOA-ETA-16-11

DOL Agencies ETA, Women’s Bureau, and the Office of Apprenticeship announce the availability of approximately $1,988,000.00 in grant funds to solicit applications for the WANTO TA Grants program. These grants will be awarded competitively to CBOs to set up and administer Regional/Multi-State TA Resource Center that will focus on conducting innovative projects to improve the recruitment, selection, training, employment, and retention of women, women of color and women with disabilities in A/NTO. Through this competition, DOL is interested in establishing a national network of TA Resource Centers, to assist in the recruitment and retention of women in A/NTO.


Summer Jobs and Beyond: Career Pathways for Youth (CPY): FOA-ETA-16-08

ETA announces the availability of up to $20,000,000 in grant funds to provide employment-related services to eligible youth who are new entrants to the workforce, including those with limited current or past work experience. The program will provide youth with work experience opportunities, including summer and year-round part-time job opportunities for ISY and employment and work experience opportunities throughout the year for OSY, and exposure to career pathways in in-demand job sectors. This program will fund projects designed to link existing summer employment programs, including the LWDB-administered local summer employment programs and non-LWDB programs run by cities/counties (where they exist), with LEAs, re-engagement centers (where they exist), employers, and other community partners to streamline service delivery, align resources, and assist youth in preparing for successful entry into the workforce. To be eligible for a CPY grant, applicants must administer an existing summer employment program or partner with an existing summer employment program that is not administered by the LWDB. The Department expects that most LWDB-administered programs will be WIOA-funded.


Strengthening Working Families Initiative: FOA-ETA-16-05

This announcement solicits applications for the Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI) grant program. On June 23, 2014, President Obama convened the White House Summit on Working Families, which was jointly hosted by the Department of Labor, Center for American Progress and the White House Council on Women and Girls. To help meet White House objectives, the Department is interested in supporting evidence-based strategies or innovations based on these models that remove a range of barriers to training, including child care and other needs that working families face, by investing in education and skills training in combination with customized participant supportive services. Of particular interest are new promising ideas developed through human centered design methodology and behavioral insight research. To support these efforts, applicants are required to leverage cash or in-kind resources amounting to at least 25 percent of the total award.

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