Legal Help with Civil Rights Issues

The North Texas Civil Rights Project (NTCRP) promotes racial, social and economic justice and strives to foster equality, secure justice, ensure diversity and strengthen our communities. We advocate on behalf of those who have historically been underserved or excluded from the justice system because of socio-economic status, ethnic background, race, immigration status or lack of access to civil rights attorneys. Our services include impact litigation, direct legal representation, community education and public awareness campaigns.

Need Help?

Please read the following information very carefully before contacting TCRP.

Please remember that each case is different, and the following are just general guidelines. No advice will be given during any intake calls and you should speak with an attorney regarding any legal decisions you may make.

We do not handle the following types of cases: Criminal defense, parole, family law (including child support, child custody, and divorce), immigration (except for Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Abuse, or “VAWA” cases), insurance issues, IRS and tax issues, or employment discrimination cases.

For North Texas office:  972-333-9200,

  • North Texas Civil Rights Project
    PO Box 154009
    Irving, TX 75015

For other locations:


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