Latino running for Dallas County Commissioner, District 1

There are 3 contenders in the Democratic primary for Dallas County Commissioner, District 1: Theresa Daniel, Regoberto Cortez and Ryan Minyard.  The primary is set for Tuesday, March 1, 2016.  The winner of the Democratic primary will face Republican candidate Steven Rayshell in the November general election.  It is unlikely that the Republican candidate will win as this district is a solid democratic district.

In the 2012 Democratic primary, this race garnered a total of 8,758 votes.  In the general election, a total of 136,315 votes were cast in this race; over 60% of those votes went to the democratic candidate.  District 1 includes portions of Dallas, Richardson, Garland and Mesquite.

2012 Democratic Primary results:

Theresa Daniel…………………………….4,691 (53.56%)

Gloria Tercero Levario………………….1,343 (15.33%)

Daniel Davis Clayton……………………2,724 (31.10%)

Total votes…………..8,759


For those of you not familiar with county government, Dallas County is governed by a commissioner’s court.  The county is divided into 4 districts.  Each district elects a commissioner.  One member of the court, the county judge, is elected at-large.  Unlike other counties, the Dallas County Judge has no judicial responsibilities.

The only Hispanic ever elected to the Commissioners’ Court is Dr. Elba Garcia.  She was elected in November, 2010 to represent District 4.

The county’s commissioners are responsible, in general, for the county judicial system, the county jail, emergency health care to indigent citizens, public health, law enforcement and road construction.  Unlike Dallas City council members, commissioners do not pass ordinances.

The Commissioners Court sets the county tax rate and adopts the county budget.  It also sets the tax rate for the hospital district, known as Parkland Health and Hospital System, and adopts the hospital district budget.

Dallas County’s budget is over $800 million.

To see a map of the commissioner districts:  Dallas County Districts Map

To learn more about the candidates:

Regoberto Cortez is on Facebook:

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