U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera at Latino Cultural Center

The Aberg Center for Literacy is hosting Literacy in Motion: An Evening of Poetry and Performance at Dallas’ Latino Cultural Center on Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 7pm.

The event features U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera.  In addition to publishing more than a dozen collections of poetry, Herrera has written short stories, young adult novels, and children’s literature. He was named U.S. poet laureate  in 2015, the first Latino named to that position. Herrera is also a performance artist and activist on behalf of migrant and indigenous communities and at-risk youth.

“The son of migrant farm workers, Juan Felipe Herrera’s journey to becoming U.S. Poet Laureate epitomizes the power of literacy to transform lives,” says Shana Harrison, executive director for Aberg Center.  “It is what we are all about at Aberg Center.”  His introduction to poetry came from his mother who sang, told stories and recited poetry to her young son as they worked in fields or traveled from farm to farm through Southern California.

Moderated by Krys Boyd host of KERA 90.1 FM’s midday talk show Think, the evening will include
conversation with Mr. Herrera and poetry performances by Mr. Herrera, World Poetry Slam Champion Joaquin Zihuatanejo and others.

Robert Casper, head of the Poetry and Literature Center at the Library of Congress says of Mr. Herrera :  “He speaks poetry in a way that I think is super-inspiring. He’s the kind of poet who gives you permission to love poetry, to be excited about it, to be energized by it. To think that it’s something freeing and fun but also relevant to the issues we face, the challenges we have; to understanding the world we’re in.”


“This is going to be an extraordinary thing not only for Latinos in Dallas or poetry lovers in Dallas but I truly feel that this is going to be astonishing for all of Dallas,” says Mr. Zihuatanejo, an award-winning Dallas teacher.  Mr. Zihuatanejo is artistic director for the event, working with producer Michael Moroney, a member of Aberg Center’s advocate council.



Tickets are $40 each.  All seating is reserved.  Proceeds from the event go to support Aberg Center for Literacy programs.

Purchase tickets here.

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